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 "Marie's vast knowledge and expertise has changed my health (and life) for the better!  She is truly a gifted healer. 

I had such amazing results that I took my teenage daughter and son to her for a few sessions.  She literally saved my daughter's life, and resolved issues my son had carried with him from birth.

In addition, Marie's medical intuition helped me 'cut to the chase' on several worries I had recently experienced.

Marie made us all feel comfortable and cared for.  Her warmth, intelligence, and professionalism were the icing on the cake."           
~Cheryl Shotwell, Fredericksburg, VA

Working with Marie has boosted my mental and physical energy, eased a mountain of sorry and continues to deliver that kind of support I could only dream of for myself and those that matter most to me. Our first session was amazing! It was just before the one year anniversary of losing my father. Somehow she helped the grief move on leaving our unending love story here in my heart - forever. Hard to put that into words and I cannot begin to tell you how good that continues to feel. Beside moi, Marie supports my husband's health and recovery and even helped ease the release of Lana Love, our beloved senior pup. Thank you Marie for all your love and support for me and my pack!

~Viveca Stone-Berry

Viveca Stone-Berry
Author, Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart Guide
Co-Founder, Dog Caption Cards

Thank you for the Body Talk session today. Your description of the process along with your narrative during my treatment helped me to understand and appreciate the work that you were doing, and to relax throughout.

During and after the session, I sensed that effective work was being done, at many levels--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I distinctly felt energy running through my right leg, up my body, as well as in the left hip, during one of the segments. Best of all, when I got up from the table after the session was complete, I realized that your work had a profound affect on me --I felt, literally 50 pounds lighter--as though enormous weights had been lifted from my shoulders! I felt happy, light, and extremely energized . This all happened in a comfortable, relaxing, and caring atmosphere in a matter of 45 minutes!

I look forward to many more experiences with this amazing technique in your skilled and expert hands.

With great appreciation,


I feel fantastic. Finally back in my body again. wow, you are the real deal.
~Anna Page Joseph

It was a great day when I met Marie 3 years ago.  [2010]
In just 5 body talk sessions she helped me resolve an auto immune issue that I had just about given up on healing. 

Since that time she has been my go-to for all sorts of healing issues for both me and my family.
My sister and mother also go to Marie to keep their health in balance.

As someone who is a full time healer myself I am exposed to a lot of great healing modalities, but I have to say I think Body Talk is a system that has a lot to offer almost anyone on any level of life.

I would recommend Marie to anyone trying to heal! She's very talented and you will see amazing results in just a few sessions.

~Kay Dougherty