Ask – Synchronize – Balance – Heal

About Marie

 Marie is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, certified Access Bars Practitioner and Energy Worker in  Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Marie has been practicing the BodyTalk system since 2006. She was introduced to it by a dear friend who saved her husband's life using BodyTalk. Since then, she has completed BodyTalk Access, Fundamentals, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-dynamics, Macro-cosmic Body Mind, Matrix Dynamics, and Orthopedic Evaluation. 

In addition she has studied Accunect, Iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, ZeroPoint Energy Visionquest, Tuina Acupressure, Access Bars and Spiritual Distance Healing. 

Marie believes in leading a balanced lifestyle in all aspects of life, and has practiced this philosophy raising her family, serving the community through elected positions and volunteer work. Spiritual growth and awareness are integral to her life. 

Her intuitive talent for finding just the right words helps her clients on a deeper and more personal level, guiding them to discover what stresses/blocks the body is holding. Becoming aware of the underlying issues allows the body to start healing. Marie is dedicated to helping everyone feel better and gain more from life.